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Who is Sayona Mining Limited?2023-02-20T10:09:56+08:00

Sayona Mining Limited is an emerging leader in the supply of lithium for North America’s electrification.

The Company’s shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the stock code of SYA and on the U.S. OTC Markets as OTCQB:SYAXF.

In Québec, Sayona has assembled a northern lithium hub centred on the Moblan Lithium Project and a southern lithium hub (Abitibi hub) centred on the North American Lithium operation, including the nearby Authier Lithium Project.

The Company has obtained a leading lithium resource base in North America and is advancing towards the recommencement of production at NAL in the first quarter of 2023.

The Company is also moving into downstream processing, examining the potential for lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide production in Québec.

In Western Australia, the Company holds a large tenement portfolio in the Pilbara region prospective for gold and lithium. Sayona is exploring for Hemi-style gold targets in the world-class Pilbara region, while its lithium projects are subject to an earn-in agreement with Morella Corporation (ASX:1MC).

Read more about us here.

Who is Sayona Québec?2022-10-25T14:56:26+08:00

Sayona Québec is a subsidiary of Sayona Mining, owned 75% by Sayona Mining and 25% by our U.S. partner, Piedmont Lithium Inc. The company was founded in 2016 and is engaged in the exploration and development of lithium mining in Québec, Canada. For more information on Sayona Québec, please visit its website (French).

What is the company’s main business?2022-10-25T14:47:53+08:00

Sayona’s main business is the exploration and production of lithium in Québec, Canada. Sayona has assembled two lithium hubs in Québec, comprising a northern hub centred on the Moblan Lithium Project and a southern hub, the Abitibi hub, centred on the North American Lithium operation.

In Western Australia, Sayona holds a large tenement portfolio in the Pilbara region prospective for both gold and lithium.

Where does the company operate?2022-10-25T14:48:05+08:00

Sayona’s operations are primarily focused on Québec, Canada, where the Company has a number of lithium projects (see above). The Company also has exploration assets for gold and lithium in Western Australia.

What stock exchange(s) is Sayona listed on?2022-10-25T14:49:31+08:00

Sayona’s shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker of SYA and on the U.S. OTC Markets (OTCQB) as SYAXF. 

How can I buy shares in Sayona?2022-11-02T15:00:54+08:00

Sayona shares can be acquired through a registered stockbroker either on the ASX or OTC Markets. Please contact your stockbroker for further information on acquiring SYA. Please seek independent financial advice before making any financial decision.

Is Sayona an ESG stock?2022-10-25T14:56:05+08:00

ESG investing (also known as socially responsible investing, impact investing or sustainable investing) refers to investing which puts priority on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Investors have different criteria regarding ESG stocks. In Sayona’s case, the Company’s position as an emerging producer of lithium, supplying the electric vehicle and battery sectors, will contribute to global decarbonisation, while its predominant use of hydropower in Québec adds to its environmental credentials.

Sayona also has a strong focus on contributing to society and on corporate governance (refer Sustainability).

For further information on Sayona’s sustainability policy, please read our latest CSR report.

What is lithium used for?2022-10-25T14:56:55+08:00

Lithium is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal, with the chemical symbol of “Li.” It is used in a range of industrial applications, including heat-resistant glass and ceramics, lubricants, and flux additives for iron and steel production. However, more recently its main use has been in lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and battery storage.

Lithium is favoured for EV engines since it has a much higher energy density than other metals. As a result, less energy is needed to move a car, allowing for greater efficiency and longer travel distances.

Lithium analysts Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (BMI) project that the world will need 20 times more lithium by mid-century to meet the demand from energy storage and EVs. The analysts predict annual production of 11.2 million tonnes LCE (lithium carbonate equivalent) will be required by 2050, with energy storage making up two-thirds of battery demand by that date, due to the growth of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Near term, 2.9 million tonnes LCE will be needed by 2032, more than the 2.7 million tonnes of cumulative global lithium production between 2015 and 2022, according to BMI’s October 2022 forecast. Without recycling, 234 new lithium mines will be needed by 2050, compared to the 40 mines in production in 2022.

These forecasts highlight the need for new sources of lithium supply, particularly as North America seeks to build its own domestic battery supply chain, from mining to processing and manufacturing.

What is the role of lithium in global decarbonisation?2022-10-25T14:57:39+08:00

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has projected that for global warming to be kept under 1.5 degrees Celsius, transport-related carbon dioxide emissions need to decline by 59%. This decarbonisation of transport, which accounts for nearly a quarter of global emissions, will rely heavily on electric vehicles (EVs).

According to its April 2022 report: “electric vehicles powered by low emissions electricity offer the largest decarbonisation potential for land-based transport, on a life cycle basis.”

Lithium is an essential input in lithium-ion batteries used for EVs and battery storage and therefore has a major role to play in global decarbonisation, particularly as governments in Europe, North America and Asia increasingly regulate in favour of EVs to replace gasoline-fuelled vehicles.

How is Sayona contributing to Québec’s battery sector?2022-10-25T14:57:53+08:00

Sayona is committed to supporting the Québec Government’s goal of creating a domestic battery sector, from mining to processing and manufacturing. Our projects in the province will provide the lithium needed for lithium-ion batteries used in EVs and energy storage.

Sayona has also committed to downstream processing in Québec, either through lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide production, thereby ensuring further value-add is captured in the province.

What is Sayona’s sustainability policy?2022-10-25T15:00:25+08:00

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to sustainability reflects the critical role lithium will play in the world’s accelerating decarbonisation drive.

Sayona’s 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report highlights our commitment to sustainable development.

The Company is committed to investing in the communities in which we operate to provide them with a better future. A strong commitment to health, safety, sustainability and social responsibility is not just good for business, it also reduces risks for all stakeholders and inspires healthy relationships with all communities.

Read more here about Sustainability.

What is Sayona’s commitment to First Nations and other stakeholders?2022-10-25T15:00:58+08:00

Sayona is committed to investing in the communities in which we operate to provide them with a better future. Our projects will allow First Nations and other local stakeholders benefit from a range of positive spin-offs, including economic and other benefits.

Significantly, more than 85% of the Company’s Québec workforce comes from local communities, including First Nations communities.

Read more here about Sustainability.

What is Sayona’s corporate governance policy?2022-11-02T14:57:47+08:00

Sayona is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance.

We strive to foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for others, while ensuring transparency and our commitment to the communities in which we operate.

Read more about our corporate governance policies here.

Who are the key directors and management of Sayona?2023-08-28T15:18:13+08:00

Sayona is currently led by Interim CEO and Director, James Brown, with the other Non-Executive Directors comprising Allan Buckler and Philip Lucas.

In Québec, the company is led by Sayona Québec CEO Guy Belleau.

Find out more here about our Board of Directors and key management.

Where can I find Sayona’s top 20 shareholders?2022-11-02T14:54:45+08:00

Sayona’s top 20 shareholders are listed here.

Where can I find Sayona’s annual report and other financial data?2022-10-25T15:05:08+08:00

Sayona’s latest Annual Report and other financial reports are available here.



Where can I find investor research on Sayona?2022-11-14T08:31:48+08:00

The latest publicly available investor research on Sayona is available here.

Where can I find Sayona’s ASX announcements?2022-10-25T15:06:56+08:00

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How do I find out more about Sayona’s projects?2022-11-14T16:01:02+08:00

Sayona has a number of lithium projects in Québec, Canada together with gold and lithium exploration projects in Western Australia. Find out more about our Québec projects here and our Western Australian projects here.

How can I subscribe to Sayona’s email list for the latest announcements?2022-10-25T15:07:31+08:00

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How can I visit Sayona’s operations in Québec?2022-10-25T15:08:47+08:00

Sayona’s operations are subject to health and safety regulations and hence pre-approval is required prior to visiting. To visit our operations in Québec, please contact us.

Who is the investor or media contact for Sayona?2023-08-28T15:22:42+08:00

For investor/media queries regarding Sayona, contact Dougal Elder, Sayona Mining or Anthony Fensom, Republic PR (visit this page for contact information). A selection of recent media coverage is available via the Media page, together with a Photo Gallery and Videos.

I have further questions. How can I contact the company?2022-10-25T15:09:57+08:00

For any further questions or feedback, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

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