Our Vision

To support the global decarbonisation drive by sustainably producing the world’s best lithium.

Our Values

Sayona aims to accelerate the development of a battery manufacturing chain in Québec. We strive to become a leader in the supply of lithium for North America’s electrification.


Sayona is committed to ensuring that its projects are sources of pride for its host communities.


Through sustainable development, respect for communities and the environment, we will fight against climate change together.

The values that guide our actions


Act with integrity throughout our operations to ensure a trustworthy organisation.



Respect the communities in which we operate. Act with respect for our employees, contractors and everyone involved with Sayona.


Strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations to deliver the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our values translate into a strong commitment to our communities

Act transparently.

Act to ensure the sustainability of the Company.

Act in harmony with host communities.

Act with respect for the environment by facilitating a circular economy and applying best practice.

Act with respect for our employees, their health and safety, their well-being and by promoting the development of skills.